Please find information on our rates and specifications below:

Double Page Spread £1,100
Full Page Display £750
Full Page Advertorial £675
Half Page  £350
Quarter Page  £200
Web Banner MPU  £750
Web Banner Skyscraper £1,125


Type Area Trim Bleed
Double Page-Spread 400mm x 277mm 420mm x 297mm 426mm x 303mm
Full Page 190mm x 277mm 210mm x 297mm 216mm x 303mm
Half Page Horizontal 180mm x 132mm N/A N/A
Half Page Vertical 88mm x 267mm N/A N/A
Quarter Page 88mm x 132mm N/A N/A
Advertorial (400 Words + 3 Images) N/A N/A
Web Banner MPU 300 x 250 Pixels N/A N/A
Web Page Skyscraper 200 x 600 Pixels N/A N/A

Please Email Editorial PR to: or post to:

Suite 15
Innovation House
Discovery Park
CT13 9FD


Whole pages, half pages and quarter pages supplied as a high resolution PDF or JPEG file together with all required JPEG, TIFF or EPS images and fonts. Editorial text as Microsoft Word file or similar JPEG or PDF at 300dpi at size required or a brochure with copy to use. If sending a brochure please highlight or indicate copy and picture/illustration required.

All prices are subject to VAT.